SueByrneМонголын сүм хийдүүдийн нэгдсэн мэдээллийн санг бий болгоход, бурханы шашны холбодолтой олон төслийг хэрэгжүүлэхэд, Британи Монголын харьцааг өргөжүүлэн хөгжүүлэхэд өөрийн цаг сэтгэлээ харамгүй зориулж яваа, энэхүү ажил бүтээлээрээ саяхан Монголын төр засгаас “Алтан гадас” одонгоор шагнагдсан, монголч хадагтай Sue Byrne Монголын түүхийн холбогдолтой мэдээллийг Британид хаанаас олж болох талаархи эх үүсвэрүүдийг нэгтгэн ирүүлснийг хүргэж байна.

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Searching Mongolia – some of the places to find historical material on Mongolia in the UK

I have been researching British travellers to Mongolia up to the late 1930s for several years. In the course of this research I have visited libraries and institutions in London and Cambridge as well as searching government files in the National Archives. For those interested in Mongolian history and to find out more about the formal and informal involvement of the British in Mongolian affairs there is a rich seam to be mined in the UK. Here is a brief explanation of the places I have searched to date. Most have online catalogues so you can start your search at home. I am sure there are other places with historical material on Mongolia in the UK but I have yet to investigate them. Let me know if you find them!

SOAS (School of Oriental and African studies) Library  

There is a useful collection of books in C stack on the open shelves. Highlight of the collection is a copy of Mongolian Gangyur. Visitors can enter the Library on a day pass – allowed 3 free day passes in 12 month period. Proof of ID must be shown at each visit – e.g. passport, driving licence, photo ID card, Freedom Passes, national ID cards (where applicable). The contents of the collection can be viewed online on

Royal Geographical Society (RGS):

This institution has the biggest collection of photographs of Mongolia in the UK up to 1940 – over 1,000 including some wonderful glass slides. They also have some interesting maps and a small collection of books.

British Library:

This is the place to view the India Office records ordered online. (India Office records include Mongolia because the Foreign Office linked Mongolia with Tibet.)  They also have a collection of books and maps that have to be pre-ordered to view in the

National Archives at Kew:

This is where you are able to view pre-ordered Foreign Office files relating to Mongolia.

Other Libraries with collections of books on Mongolia

Cambridge University

This website includes the two libraries below. Very extensive collection with many entries being articles in Journals

Cambridge East Asian Library:

This library has the Lattimore collection.

Cambridge Ancient India and Iran Trust Library:

This Library has the Charles Bawden collection.

Royal Society for Asian Affairs:

Royal Asiatic Society:

Endangered Archives British Library: this programme in the British Library has given grants for several projects in Mongolia in recent years. The material is available to view online.

EAP010 Preservation of rare periodical publications in Mongolia

EAP031 The Treasures of Danzan Ravjaa

EAP264 Preservation through digitisation of rare photographic negatives from Mongolia

EAP529 Digitising 19th and early 20th century Buddhist manuscripts from Dambadarjaa Monastery

Mongolian artefacts in British Museums and private collections: data collected in the Mongolian and Tibetan Museum Inventory conducted among all relevant European museums and various private collections is being digitised by the Central Asia archive of the Institute of Oriental and Asian Studies at Bonn University in Germany.

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